Sterling Silver Celtic Fork Bangle - 1851, Edinburgh Size Medium/Large

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Jewellery with history - I've hand crafted this stunning bangle from a Victorian silver dessert fork. This silver fork's original hallmark is on the inside and tells it was first made in 1851 in Sheffield ~ it's 170 years old and weighs 67grams.

The engraving of the crest of a dog and an arrow are original to fork and the tines have been rounded and soldered together for comfort. 

Size Medium - The bangle measures 67mm internal diameter with a little room for adjustment.  

The Bangle measures 28mm at its widest point and 5.8mm the narrowest, it will be boxed ready to give as a gift.

As a legal requirement each bangle will be accompanied by a change of use certificate from The Assay Office, it's your guarantee of quality.

Postage is £7.70 to have it insured with Special Delivery, next day guaranteed.

If you're unsure of your size or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Making Jewellery from silver cutlery originated in 17th century England where silver spoons were originally used as wedding rings. Servants could not afford to have wedding rings made of precious metals so they would steal the silverware from the manor houses and have them turned into wedding rings. For a time you could tell who the servants were working for by the crest on their rings.